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Shruti Pandey is a Junior Research Fellow, pursuing her Ph.D. from the Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi. Her work centres around the normative challenges raised by climate change as a global justice issue and explores the cosmopolitan political theories to provide theoretical and practical underpinnings for addressing climate change.

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) is an international organization of graduate students at philosophy departments. Its mission is to address structural injustices and to remove barriers that impede participation in academic philosophy for members of marginalized groups.


MAP-Penn is one of MAP’s autonomous chapters, led by graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania. Our main initiative is hosting annual conferences within the domain on MAP. The conferences focus on marginalized topics in philosophy and are almost always interdisciplinary.


In addition to our annual conferences, we are now launching a new initiative: MAP-Penn Visiting Speaker Series. Our goal is to invite scholars from underrepresented groups to visit Penn to deliver talks and mentor Penn graduate students.




Photo: Tinksu Wessman

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 APRIL 13-14, 2023

Polaris Koi (he/they) works at the intersection of ethics, philosophy of action, and the philosophy of behavioral and brain sciences. His main interest is in self-control, agency, and responsibility; further interests include foundational issues in the biological mind sciences, philosophy of disability and psychopathology, and the application of emerging technologies in healthcare. Additional information is available on his WEBSITE.

While at Penn, Polaris Koi will give a talk and interact with the members of the Penn community in various ways. His talk is titled "What are my options? Decision sets in complex environments."

Clarissa Busch (Philosophy), Christian Benitez (Psychology) and Dave White (Neuroscience) will serve as commentators.

The visit is co-sponsored by MindCORE and the departments of Psychology and Philosophy, and co-organized by Sara Purinton and Tiina Rosenqvist.



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